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Simple and present training for everyone

Simple and present training for everyone

These are some benefits of practicing mindfulness:

Reduced anxiety

Increased cognitive abilities

Empathy for all forms of life

Increased feeling of happiness

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what our workshop guests think


Heather was so informative and I really enjoyed learning about the topics covered around mindfulness in the kitchen and with eating and also the nature relatedness scale. This experience definitely sparked some inspiration for me on how to be more connected with the earth and conscious about what I am consuming.. and all through a fun and interactive experience with food.


A very informative and thought invoking experience, led by a very knowledgeable and inclusive host. I will certainly be paying more interest to what part of a food I’m eating, how far it has travelled, whether it’s in season or not, and the potential impact of our want to eat most anything we crave all year round!


The tour with Heather was just perfect. So hygge, so interesting, so special – just a real treasure. Heather is a very friendly, warm and funny person with a huge knowledge. The mixe between history, philosophy, anthropology – connecting with places, tasting food and experiencing hygge was unique. I am very thankful for this extraordinary experience. Thank you very much Heather – and just the best luck for your book!

About Heather

Hello there! Pleased to virtually meet you. I am Heather Thomas, the Founder of The Mindful Kitchen. I grew up in the kind of Upstate, New York place where I passed farms where my food came from on my way to school. I realised after I moved off to Boston how childhood exposure to the land grounded me (pun intended) and made me understand my dependence on all forms of life, human or otherwise. I spent 20 years working in the arts and for youth charities, mainly across the pond in London. I embraced city life, but I also harboured a yearning to live closer to the natural world.

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